Sunday, March 04, 2007

Photos from LA

Teaching at TalesaiHere's a set of photos from a Thai restaurant on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood (Talesai). The owner is one of the meditators at the Thai monastery, and also the sponsor for me to fly to New York. This picture was taken after the course officially ended, but the core group stayed together to the very end, when at 5 AM on Saturday, the entire group, including a 93-year-old woman who led the pack in the course, piled into three vehicles and saw me off at the airport.

I'm in New York now, staying in a tent in my mom's backyard. The Laos monastery was nice, but a little too far away to allow for easy visits to my mom. We've got the tent set up nicely, and I'm well prepared for the bitterly cold weather, not at all bitter myself... though perhaps such a comment should wait until after the first night in my drafty dwelling.

Anyway, home is where the heart is, and my heart is in a good place right now. The good deeds I've done this past month are keeping me warm, and it is only bad deeds which truly make one cold. Two weeks here, then off to Toronto to visit my father for more warmth in the snow.

Dunniggahassa lahuno, yatthakāmanipātino;
cittassa damatho sādhu, cittam dantam sukhāvaham.

Difficult to grasp, swift, seizing whatever it desires -
good is the taming of the mind; a tamed mind brings happiness.

-- Dhp. 35

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