Sunday, March 11, 2007

Buddhism in Rochester

Plagued by work even on vacation :) On Friday, I visited Nazareth College in Rochester, NY. I was invited to give two talks, one in the morning to a class of upper-level Buddhist Studies students, and one in the morning to a group of first-year religious studies students.  Not much to say, except that 50 minutes goes by really quick when you have something profound to teach :)  Mostly it wasn't what I said, so much as the actual meditation practice I had them do.

Also, just got some pictures from Wat Lao Asokaram, where I stayed the first night upon arrival in Rochester.  They also had me give a short talk, and were instrumental in connecting me with the Asian Studies department at Nazareth College.

Life goes on, and gives me a great and greater appreciation for meditation practice as it does.  N'atthi santi param sukham - there is no happiness without peace.