Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wat Thai Los Angeles

Almost Ready...Here's us, in the Uposatha Hall of Wat Thai Los Angeles on our last day (that's me on the right, and the monastic chief, Phra Rajadhammavidet on the left).  The monastic chief was most happy with our course, and welcomed me to come back again.  I'm still here, waiting for my Bubby and cousin to arrive.  I'll be heading to New York on the 3rd, but should be back here on the 1st of April at the latest.  Here's a tentative April schedule at Wat Thai Los Angeles (Apr. 1st to 30th):

Thai Dharma Talks

  • 5 AM every day

  • 12:30 PM every day

  • 9 PM every day

English Dharma Talks

  • 6 PM every day

Meditation Instruction

  • 9 AM every day

  • 2 PM every day

  • 7 PM every day

Meditation Practice

  • 5 AM – 9 PM every day

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