Friday, February 16, 2007

New York, New Monk

Efforts to communicate with the Khmer monastery in Rochester have failed - "no, no English.  Khmai."  Guess he's new.  My old friend, the abbot of Wat Khmer Krom in Stoney Creek, Ontario, has moved to the USA - Florida, I think.  The Lao monastery seems to have changed their telephone number, as the answering machine at the old one is certainly not that of a Laotion.

So, it looks like I'll be doing the outdoorsy thing on my trip to the Northeast.  Hey, just because it's the worst storm they've seen in New York since before I was born... maybe it's not real snow:

Mayor Randy Bateman of Oswego, where 70 inches of snow had fallen by Thursday morning, said, "We're just trying to keep up. It's almost an unreal amount…We catch up when it stops, but then it just comes again, even heavier." 


Anyway, I'll be well prepared, if only I can find some good monk camping gear.  A search for "monk camping gear" brought up some hopeful results:

Camping Monk

Stikfas, G2 Alpha Male Chinese Warrior Monk at X-Treme

... Containers, & Coolers Travel Packs, Cases, & Briefs Unique Auto Accessories Unique Camping Gear ... Stikfas, G2 Alpha Male Chinese Warrior Monk ... - 96k -

He looks warm...

Fortunately, Google is always helpful at suggesting other links, like this one for "monk clothing":

Not exactly camping gear, though, so the search continues.

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