Monday, January 29, 2007

To Kill a Monking Bird

Just chanced upon some funny criticisms of Buddhism in DMOZ (source):

How could someone seek guidance and truth in the intelligence and speculation of another human being? How could someone follow the guidance of another individual, whom neither received knowledge from God, nor a clear book giving light?

Hmm... this is some strange guidance. He must have received his intelligence and speculation from one of the "book-giving" gods.

One who seeks spiritual guidance from his “Higher Self” or searches for “an answer” within himself will only end up more astray and confused. This is because he has tried to ponder upon issues he has little or no knowledge of.

Honestly, I still haven't found a "Lower Self", so I don't know why I'd look for a higher or even a middling one. As for answers, I suppose it depends on the questions. If your question is "what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?", then yes, I suppose you might get confused whether you searched within or without. But, if your question is "what is the cause of suffering?" or "what is the way out of suffering?", then let me tell you that looking inside would be like turning on a light - no confusion there.

Here's another one (source):

By ignoring God and by making salvation rest solely on personal effort, Buddha substituted for the Brahmin religion a cold and colorless system of philosophy.

Buddha didn't ignore God; God is a Buddhist. How's that for colour? :D