Thursday, January 11, 2007


Here's a pleasant surprise, a story about my good friend and teacher, Ajaan Suphan (Monastic Chief of Wat Rampoeng, Chiang Mai), by a fellow Canadian, no less...

"Ajhan Supan was the best man to run the place. He was always so calm and happy. Once I went in to see him with one of my petty little concerns and he said "Sneck. Sneck." I smiled, trying to figure out what a ?Sneck? was. He reached for his long stick with the hook at the end and moved towards a huge six foot green snake slithering right on top of his guest room table in the elegant abbot?s meeting room! I jumped back, "Yikes!!" as Ajhan Supan concentrated on the snake. Hooking the snake, he carried him outside and put him on the ground as though he was taking out the garbage. He was a cool man."


Monk. Cool monk. He sure is.

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