Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Retreat at Wat Sanku

Well, here we are, January 9th and still no meditators at Wat Sanku (unless you count my friend Rubin, who left today).  My fault really... in December, somehow the email forwarding for our e-mail address didn't get turned on, so we missed five requests to come to practice.  Then, around January 1st, I upgraded our CMS (Drupal 5.0) and turned off the contact form by mistake, so no one could contact us.

All of which is okay by me... as the Buddha said, "as is god, so is the one who stays alone" (yathaa brahmaa tathaa eko).  So, here I stay, alone in the forest, without fear, without longing for the world.  Longing only for the day when I may be free.

(But I have fixed the website, and everyone is welcome to visit...)

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