Monday, January 29, 2007

City of Angels

On the 2nd of February I will leave from the Asian City of Angels (Krungtep, a.k.a. Bangkok) to fly to the American City of Angels (Los Angeles). Auspicious, I think. The Lord Buddha said,

`caratha, bhikkhave, cārikam bahujanahitāya bahujanasukhāya lokānukampāya atthāya hitāya sukhāya devamanussānam;'

"Journey, o monks, on a sojourn for the benefit of the masses, for the happiness of the masses, out of compassion for the world, to bring meaning, benefit, happiness to angels and humans."

"mā ekena dve agamittha; desetha, bhikkhave, dhammam ādikalyānam majjhekalyānam pariyosānakalyānam sāttham sabyañjanam kevalaparipunnam parisuddham brahmacariyam pakāsetha."

"May not two of you go by one path; teach, o monks, the teaching that is beautiful in its foundation, beautiful in its progression, beautiful in its consumation, in both meaning and letter. Make known the holy life which is fully complete and completely pure.

"santi sattā apparajakkhajātikā, assavanatā dhammassa parihāyanti, bhavissanti dhammassa aññātāro."

"There are beings with little defilement who, not hearing the dhamma, will waste away, and will develop through hearing the dhamma from one who knows it. "

This injunction is still as valid as it was 2500 years ago. Surely, one who has heard the truth would be wrong to conceal it from others, for "the gift of truth excels all other gifts"; whatever truth we know, we should surely share. The Buddha taught four truths: that suffering is objectively identifiable, that the cause of suffering can be abandoned, that the cessation of suffering can be realized, and that there is a path which leads directly to the cessation of suffering for one who fares according to it.

Off to let the angels know :)

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  1. I am also making a move but more in reverse of yours. I will be moving from Houston, TX to Hokkaido Japan. I am very excited about the move. One for a new experience and two, for more access to Buddhism. I know a Temple or Priests are not needed to be a Buddhist but to learn from people with experience will be of benefit to me. Good luck on your trip, and stay safe.