Sunday, December 31, 2006

Buddhist New Year

Just came back from Chiang Mai, helping a group from Ireland through a Buddhist wedding. Having just finished my intensive retreat this morning, it seemed like a dangerous thing to be travelling, but progress shows that the mind can take change and stress much better than before. All in all, a lot of fun, and I even met Phra Charles of Wat U Mong in the bargain.

Anyway, being new year's eve, I thought I'd make some resolutions for the year 2550.

1) Will be mindful more, worry less

2) Will get the 1st/2nd level pali degree (actually won't get it until Feb 2551 if at all)

3) Will dedicate more time to spreading the Buddha's teaching on insight meditation in an organised, effective and beneficial way.

4) Will not get upset at others, no matter what they do.

5) Will not get upset at myself when I fail in any resolution

6) Will quit smoking, drinking and carrying on like a teenager - wait, I already did that.. when I was twenty.

Ahem. Here's an inspired verse that came during the meditation retreat:

worrying of future grows you old,
but dwelling on past don't make you young,
seizing the day don't make it last,
but knowing this moment lasts for all time.