Friday, November 10, 2006

Living in the Woods

I'm here now, in the woods of Northern Thailand. Not quite settled in yet, but feeling great relief to be in nature again. I've been given Ajaan's old kuti, and it has some of the problems that come with age - leaky faucets, cracked tiles, cobwebs and animal droppings. It also has a fair amount of wildlife; so far I've found, inside the kuti, a foot-long lizard, a three-inch spider, a puffed-up toad, two cockroaches, and a nest of black ants filling a large cupboard of Ajaan's old blankets and such. They'll all have to go - I've long since given up the idea of keeping pets. Here's a conversation with my father, asking about the situation:

Father: How will you eat? What about spiders, snakes and scorpions?

Me: Monks are not allowed to eat snakes, and spiders and scorpions are not my first choice of appetiser...

I still have Internet and phone access, so feel free to keep in touch, let me know when you're visiting, etc.


  1. Alexandar Hristov7:18 PM

    Congatulation Phra Noah for your way and style of life, for your commitment to the world of Good.

  2. Richard (puddlemonk)6:37 PM

    Best of wishes to you, Bhante. We greatly appreciate all that you are doing.