Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Brother, the Setthii

As Close As I Get

As Close As I Get to Touching Money
Just got an e-mail from my younger brother, and it sounds like he's chosen the millionaire path in life. A good choice, careerwise, though I imagine difficult to undertake ethically. Here's the Lord Buddha on business:

Four ways to make material profit in the present life:

1. Having diligence in one's work

2. Having diligence in maintaining one's wealth

3. Keeping true friends

4. Being moderate in livelihood (not living beyond one's means)

Five Benefits in Having Wealth:

1. One can look after one's self and family

2. One can assist one's friends

3. One can ward off dangers on various fronts

4. One can make offerings (eg. to guests, kings, ancestors, angels, etc)

5. One can make donations to beneficial causes

Four Wishes That are Difficult to Obtain:

1. May I obtain wealth by ethical means

2. May I obtain high status in society

3. May I live a long life

4. When I die, may I be born in heaven

Four Dhammas That Make One's Wishes Easily Obtainable:

1. Being full of faith in those things which are worthy of faith

2. Being full of moral virtue that is stainless and pure

3. Being full of generosity

4. Being full of wisdom