Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Doing Time

Just an update in case there's anyone tuned in... as per my last post, I made it as far as Wat Rampoeng. One monk said if I didn't touch money, I would have to always organize for people to help me go here or there, buy me food, etc. I thought walking everywhere would prove him wrong... boy, was I right. From the airport to the monastary (5 - 10 km), I received at least five insistent invitations for rides, and one invitation for lunch. The latter I accepted, but insisted, for physical training, to walk. After all, I will surely need to be fit in the next coming days.

Arriving at Wat Rampoeng, I have now been sidetracked into joing a sanghakamma for 9 days. It is in the forest, so no loss in doing so, and infact surely much gain. Training my patience and effort, it is an intensive effort to keep up with the rigour of the nine-day business, mostly involving meditation practice, but much more scheduled than I have ever practiced before. More when I finish.


  1. Richard (puddlemonk)5:42 PM

    Best of luck. A part of me envies you, another lazier part of me doesn't. Either way, I truly wish you well.

  2. Dear Richard,

    A part of me thanks you for your best wishes, another more compassionate part of me feels sorry for your laziness... :) Best of luck to you as well.