Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Victory and Defeat

It's truly amazing how much conflict there is in the world today. I wake up in the morning and check my e-mail, someone has sent me an argument by mail. I check the news, more war. Check the Internet forums, conflict. And that's before I leave my room. :)

With all the conflict in the world, how could one hope to truly win? And win what? Victory breeds nothing but revenge. Who takes up no conflict with anyone, surely this one wins a victory hard to obtain.

I receive warnings from friends to be careful, because of people I am in conflict with. Good advice, but better to be mindful; mindful of speech, mindful of deeds, mindful of thoughts. Then where can there be room for conflict or defeat from without? Defeating oneself, this victory from within is a victory hard to obtain; a victory for which it is surely worth striving. May we all strive on in harmony!