Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Inviting The Buddha

Today we extended an invitation to the Buddha to come to live in our House of Dhamma.
I arrived late, and didn't get to see the invitation or watch the delivery to the Blessed One. By the time I got there they were on the stairs. I was invited to start the "Jayanto..." chant as a bunch of rough looking fellows assisted the Unexcelled Trainer of the Trainable up the stairs.
All in all, there was much shouting and pushing and pulling... it felt sort of embarassing in the holy presence of the Teacher of Gods and Men, but Ajaan didn't seem fazed.
Once they hoisted the Lord's golden-hued body onto its pedestal, there was great relief, and we proceeded to chant various auspicious verses as the same group of rough-looking fellows, this time helped by some of the rough-looking novices, hoisted the golden replicas of Phra Pimola Dhamma and Phra Dhammatiraraja Mahamuni onto their respective pedestals.
Finally, Ajaan gave a long oration in Northern Thai to officially invite the Knower of Worlds into His house. Then, we all paid our respects and asked forgiveness with "Vanda Luang" to the Well-Gone, then "Vanda Noi" to Ajaan.
All in all, an inspiring prelude to the big day when the house is officially offered to the Holy Sangha, the community of those saints who have attained freedom from suffering, with the Fully Self-Enlightened Buddha at their head.