Monday, September 04, 2006

Ajaan Tong

A tribute to my teacher, Ajaan Tong (Phra Tepsiddhajaan Sirimangalo), endowed with both knowledge (vijja) and conduct (carana), whose birthday we will celebrate on the 21st of September:

yo jhÄ?na-ñÄ?nena sampanno,
siricaraṇo'pi sirivijjo,
maá¹…galÄ?ttÄ? h'eva idaṃ thero,
uttamasīlo uttamavimutto,
taṃ ahaṃ vandÄ?mi sabbato.

Endowed with concentration and wisdom,
Of holy conduct and holy knowledge,
Whose very person is a blessing, thus is this elder.
Of highest virtue, of highest liberation,
I pay him reverence in all respects.