Tuesday, September 26, 2006

After the Day

After Ajaan's 83rd Birthday, a little time to write a short post about it. More photos, too, on our new photo gallery...

Not much to say, it went off quite well, Ajaan didn't seem overburdened by the huge amounts of visitors, and seemed to accept the invitation to stay until his 120th birthday. And finally, everything is quiet again.

On a personal note, though, I have more to say as I kept quite to myself during the course of the ceremonies - I think this is in line with the Buddha's teaching on solitude. Anyway, my meritorious deeds towards Ajaan this year are:

1) manning the sound booth for five days and one all-nighter. Not an easy task, given the nature of the beast. One person would run in yelling at me that the volume was to loud and causing feedback, then another would pipe up from the mic outside that they couldn't hear themselves. Lots of fun.

2) Offering a robe to Somdet Rajamangalajaan, who in turn offered it to Ajaan Tong (he had forgotten to bring anything as a gift this year)

3) Offering the Thai Tipitaka and Commentaries to Ajaan - still waiting for the actual books to arrive from Bangkok, but the process has been initiated with the help of one generous lay supporter.

Sukho pu??assa uccayo - happiness is the accumulating of goodness.