Monday, July 31, 2006

Even the Birds

Come, look upon this glittering world, like unto a king's chariot; the foolish are immersed in it, but for the wise there is no connection.

-- The Buddha (Dhp. 48)

It is a strange life we live in this post-modern time. As though all of our history mattered naught, we plunge headlong into the latest rave, the newest buzz, the next big fad. They say it feels right, but why then do they suffer so? And create so much suffering for those around in thirst for ephemeral self-satiation? If craving could be cured by getting what one wants, then why so much suffering when it is not got? Why so much anger in our minds? In our world?

It comes to me thus as I sit still in my room, feeling acutely the rift between my quiet meditation and the loud, loud world around me. Even the jungle birds are shouting in the night.

Night Sitting