Monday, January 09, 2006

Doi Suthep Talks (Complete)

As the site at will probably shut down or be replaced within the next few months, here's a list of all of the talks placed on the web during my stay at Doi Suthep:

Short Morning Talks (mp3)
Sept. 16"Heedfulness"(8 MB)
Sept. 15"The Highest Gain, Wealth, Kinsman and Happiness" (6 MB)
Sept. 10"A Good Day" (3 MB)
Sept. 8"What Is the Purpose of Life?" (3 MB)
Sept. 6"Dhp 7,8 - Overcome By Mara" (4 MB)
Sept. 5"Dhp 1 - All Things Come From the Mind" (4 MB)
Sept. 2"Mindfulness and Wisdom" (2 MB)
Sept. 1"Don't Let the Moment Pass You By" (5 MB)
Aug. 30"Medicine and Poison" (4 MB)

Full-Length Talks (mp3)