Friday, August 19, 2005

The Maha Ummagga Jataka - A Buddhist Epic (Introduction)

(Started on August 19th, 2005)


?The Pancāla, with his entire army?? This the teacher related, dwelling in in Jetavana, referring to the Perfection of Wisdom.

One day, the monks were seated in the Dhamma Hall describing the Tathagata?s Perfection of Wisdom.

"Of great wisdom, friend, is the Tathaagata, of vast wisdom, of profound wisdom, of joyous wisdom, of swift wisdom, of sharp wisdom, of penetrative wisdom. Crushing the opposing doctrines and having, by the power of His own wisdom, tamed Kutadanta and other brahmins, Sabhiya and other ascetics, Angulimala and other thieves, Alavaka and other yakkhas, Sakka and other angels, Baka and other gods, He made them humble. Having given the going-forth to vast multitudes, He caused them to be established in the path and fruition. Of such great wisdom, friend, is the Teacher."

The teacher, having come in, asked ?What is the present discussion about which you are sitting engaged in?"

When they said ?On just this??, He replied ?Not only now, o Bhikkhus, is the Tathagata wise; in the past as well, while immature in knowledge, conducting himself in conduct for the purpose of knowledge of enlightenment, He also possessed wisdom.?

Having said this, at their request, He told them of the past...
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